Game Access – Impressions #2

Game Access – Impressions #2

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It has been two weeks since the Impressions #1, so it is time for the second ones. The topic is: “ideas that emerged with the reflection of the event”. Truly, one had its mind “overloaded”. So many people he talked to, so much more ideas and thoughts. What are the three most interesting ones? Although you are […]

Game development like marriage

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When you live your life, at one point, you notice that it is way much better when there are two persons to handle it. I think it is a bit similar in game development: when you are alone, it is really hard to do everything, and you dream about a time when you will have […]

Short note to the construction of the concept “art”

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When people talk about art, they must have their own definition of what the art is and what it is not. They must have something to work with. People usually agree in some respect and the agreement tends to be stronger among those who haven´t got any specific interest in the production of art. The […]