Game Access – Impressions #2

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It has been two weeks since the Impressions #1, so it is time for the second ones. The topic is: “ideas that emerged with the reflection of the event”. Truly, one had its mind “overloaded”. So many people he talked to, so much more ideas and thoughts. What are the three most interesting ones?

  1. Although you are “the most genial person in the world”, people playing your game will have way much better ideas on how to improve the game than you have without long break from the project. It probably even has to be like that. When you are developing the whole game all alone, you struggle with so many things that there are many small details you will oversee and anybody but you will see them right away. They don’t even have to point them out, it is enough for you to see them playing your game and in your brain thoughts like “I can’ t believe somebody would click there”, or “Oh really? You don’t know where to go?! I will have to fix this” emerge. But sometimes they even point it out and suggest a really nice solution for the issue.
  2. Developers are cool. Really there was so many interesting people with so many different approaches to the game medium that you will either quarrel with everybody, or you will became a way much respectful person with a broader heart.
  3. The last point of these impressions will more or less repeat the first one: `Listen to your audience and to the ideas of other people. Even the harsh comments may bear a bit of truth. Sometimes they are even the most helpful comments altogether. Still meaningful criticism is the best.’.

Next time with games I really liked and found noteworthy. 🙂

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