Game development like marriage

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When you live your life, at one point, you notice that it is way much better when there are two persons to handle it. I think it is a bit similar in game development: when you are alone, it is really hard to do everything, and you dream about a time when you will have colleague who will help you, who will support you, and who will understand you. And it is really nice, when things go well.

But sometimes you just get angry, can´t stand something that seems to be the biggest issue in the world – it sometimes isn´t that case as when you just forgot about your anniversary, or when you didn´t clean a bathroom, but sometimes it is really hard (especially when it concerns repeated action) and things can be a bit harsh and uneasy. People get hurt, feel sorry etc.

Right now this is for me probably the hardest thing in game development when you are making games with somebody who you care for. He can neglect you, your feelings, and your needs for a really long time and if you for once do not handle it and say to yourself: “Fine. I will make it differently, because this time I want different outcome,” you will hurt him, he will get angry, and you will be the bad guy: you have done something without telling him, right? But what is the cause and what is the consequence? Who is right and who is not?

Seriously, there is nothing to be proud of: if you do something important without your friend (or – for the sake of the analogy – lover), you are betraying him. There are no whistles even if you have made something nice. But it has to be said that it wasn´t easy decision to do so. But, may be, right now there are just two bleeding bodies instead of just one… The question is: was it really necessary? What if the first bleeding guy would have just died with one more sort of “failure”?

I don´t know and nobody will ever will. But I know that relationships in your team are really important.

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