Who made Cubesis?

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People keep me asking: Who is the author of Cubesis? It used to say ‘Jan Horacek and Jindrich Pavlasek’. What is Wonderful Tree Studio?” I will try to answer these questions.

Firstly, there is more than two authors, because there were several people who helped us with the game (with translations, with corrections of the text, with programming, and with testing). The main authors are Jan Horacek (programmer and original initiator of the idea) and Jindrich Pavlasek (graphic, somebody who helped to shape the vision, and in later parts programmer), not Wonderful Tree Studio in its current state. One really important person is musician that made music to Cubesis: Espen A. Houglan. That´s it. You can blame these people for what you have bought. 😀

We developed Cubesis like two farmers who made rocket behind their house.

Why Wonderful Tree Studio? I want to discuss this topic in another article, but let´s simply say that it was necessary because of publishing on Steam. It would be really strange to read something like “Jan Horacek and Jindrich Pavlasek” instead of “Studio Name”. But the truth is that in Wonderful Tree Studio we want to create a little different games in terms of production value and in terms of theoretical deepness. By saying this I am also saying that Jan Horacek isn´t member of the studio (he is kind of tired of development). We have simply used “studio name” that was supposed to come up with completely new game in 2017. And we did that to accomplish dream of me and Jan: dream to enter the hall of fame which is called Steam.

You may ask me: “What does it mean ‘completely new’ game?”, because some of you see Cubesis for the first time. The truth is that I and Jan have been developing Cubesis for approximately seven years. Long time, isn´t it? I was on high school when I´ve started and I am finishing my bachelor degree on Charles University right now. The development process gave me many experience in many aspects. I have improved my graphical skills, but I have also reconsidered what is the game design for me and what are the possibilities of the game as a medium.

If I put it simply: We developed Cubesis like two farmers who made rocket behind their house.

It also means that our rocket flies, it is great, but yes: it is not made by NASA. 🙂 There are some things that we would like to make differently, but if you have seven years old code, small graphics and game that was originally (seven years ago) meant to be far less ambitious, you just can´t fix it in a moment.

If I sum it up: What we made with Jan is kind of miracle and I think that it is great, but we have to face the truth: seven years is a long time and our game is partly outdated. We know about it, but we still believe that it is original game with interesting mechanics. In Wonderful Tree Studio there are different members (except for me – I am the warranty that game will be finished, hopefully beautiful and that we will hopefully get it to Steam) and we are far more ambitious right from the beginning than we were with Jan. Simply: expect wonderful things!


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