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Fun Fun

Do you remember those moments of careless happiness when you were just playing games and all that mattered was if you were having fun? We want to bring these moments back to your life.

Ideas Ideas

Have you ever watched a movie or read a book and had a feeling that you have come up to something really important? That you noticed something interesting? We want you to have such feeling when you play our games.

Art Art

We believe games are the work of art which let us share our experience with you, with our community. That means your opinion and feedback do matter.

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Game Access – Impressions #2

Game Access – Impressions #2

Posted by on May 1, 2016 in Commentary | No Comments

It has been two weeks since the Impressions #1, so it is time for the second ones. The topic is: “ideas that emerged with the reflection of the event”. Truly, one had its mind “overloaded”. So many people he talked to, so much more ideas and thoughts. What are the three most interesting ones? Although you are […]

Game Access – Impressions #1

Game Access – Impressions #1

Posted by on Apr 17, 2016 in News | One Comment

Looking back at the game developers summit Game Access,  I must say I am glad I’ve been there. I had some really friendly conversations with really nice people there. I wouldn’t get an opportunity to talk to these people without the Game Access. One of the funniest comments on the action and its evening parties was made by Oana Roscu, a creative […]

Wonderful Tree Studio at the Game Access in Brno

Wonderful Tree Studio at the Game Access in Brno

Posted by on Apr 15, 2016 in News | No Comments

Hi everybody! We exhibit our latest game “How To Brighten Up the Life” in the indie expo room at the Game Access summit right now!!! The Game Access summit is an INTERNATIONAL GAME DEVELOPERS SUMMIT (http://game-access.com/). It is held in Brno, in the Czech republic, between 15. – 16. 04. 2016. If you’re in Brno […]

We want to make games that will take your imagination far, far away and that will let you drink when your heart is dried out.


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Benjamin Helbig

Your game [Cubesis] is a true little gem in my opinion! The gameplay is very enjoyable to me, and very tactical/strategic! Also somewhat unique!

- Benjamin Helbig

Cubesis is Game of the Month: May 2014 Winner.

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- YoYoGames
Toma Lexi

[Cubesis is] One of the most original and charming games I discovered in 2014. Just make sure to keep your expectations in check. Its a slower paced “puzzle” game with a god sim theme, requiring some micromanagement and is not a sim/RTS game. I found this game to be incredibly charming and the developer pulled of the theme as a puzzle game incredibly well.

- Toma Lexi